At the age of 32 I took the decision to leave my job in London and pursue something I have always dreamed off, opening m very own coffee shop. Having worked in advertising in the hustle and bustle of London I felt that working in an office 9 to 5 was not what I was put on this earth to do, and with the support of my wonderful wife, I handed in my notice with a plan to take 3 months to research, build a business plan and ultimately, hopefully if the stars aligned create and run my very own business.

After 8 years of living in the rat race we recently decided to move to:



Well just outside Guildford to be precise. And it was seeing the lack of good coffee shops here that gave me the idea and the inclination to give it a try.

We are just at the start now, my mind changes 15 times a day as to what the business will be like, but I am using this blog to document the journey, as well as just talk about things that I love – FOOD and COFFEE