So what is it about Coffee that is so damn good. I have been spending the last couple of years trying to work that out, and also work out how to brew the perfect cup at home. Now I am not one of these people with a fancy coffee machine at home that can make you the perfect latte at the press of a button – not that there is anything wrong with them, they do make a great cup. For me I prefer to buy my Flat Whites out in a coffee shop where they can really get the coffee right (most of the time!) and at home I focus on the brew method. I like it strong, black and with the spoon standing up!

My journey for the perfect brew coffee has taken in numerous coffee suppliers, about 3 or 4 cafetieres of various shapes and sizes – my favorite being the red Le Cresuet one we have. I bought myself a grinder so that I can have freshly ground coffee  – it was actually only after taking a basic barista training that I realised how crucial the grind  is to producing a good cup of coffee

I previously bought my coffee beans from the wonderful Monnouth shop in Covent Garden. It was always a treat to go in to the tiny shop, sample a number of beans and discuss with the hugely knowledgeable staff in there. I still pop in when I am in London just to treat myself- they also serve up a mean flat white if you are ever close by.

However in this internet age, it was only a matter of time before I would start ordering my beans online and the guys behind  Pact Coffee made this a possibility. I highly recommend you check this site out  Pact Coffee. It’s simple – you select how you brew your coffee, what flavours you like and when you drink coffee and they select and send you a bag of beans as regularly as you require. I never had a bad cup of coffee with these guys and having a fresh pack come every week was awesome.

The final piece in the puzzle fell into place at the London Coffee Festival last year at Brick Lane. I had done some research and wanted to try and new method of brewing. They had a stand that was showcasing both the Aeropress and the Chemex products and after a sample or 3 I decided that the best for me. OK so it takes about 5-10 minutes for the drip coffee to be produced, but it produces in my opinion the best tasting coffee you can make at home, oh and it also looks pretty wicked.


My next purchase of a coffee machine will hopefully be for my coffee shop – but I hope to have a brew bar set up as well so people can sample some other styles of delicious coffee that I have been perfecting at home.