As I mentioned in a previous post, I have recently re-watched the Sopranos from start to finish. What really hit me this time round, was how much of it revolves around food. Now t’s probably no surprise to anyone who has been to Italy, or even met an Italian that food is central to their lifestyle and it appears that this is no different for those in America.

There are hundreds of references throughout the series to all types of different food – some I knew, and are things we cook regularly, but others were not familiar so I started to research.

Below are 3 new recipes that I am going to try on my return to my kitchen, there is certainly a theme to this – lots of cheese, lots of time and lots of love – I think I may end up the size of T, but it’s definitely going to be worth it.

Baked Zitti

Zitti is a type of pasta, not something I have come across the in the UK and sure this can be replaced with Penne. There are loads of variations and as in the series everyone seems to have a secret, family recipe. This one is from the Sopranos cookbook and adds in meatballs and gravy – alongside a bucket load of cheese. Looks tasty!

Zitti Al Forno Recipe


This was something that is s ataple in Italian American households over  Thanksgiving. Braciola itself are rolled pieces of beef and pork stuffed with cheese and then fried. I tried something like this when I was in Italy. I have found this great looking recipes that takes Braciola as a base for a rich sauce with meatballs.

Sunday Gravy with Beef Braciola Recipe

Carmela Sopranos Lasagne

Lasagne is probably my signature dish and I will share my recipe within this blog. But like Zitti it appears that everyone has their own variations. The recipe below looks crazy good, the fact alone that it has 3 types meat including a pork Knuckle, demands a trip to the butcher. This one looks like a whole day will be spent on creating – cant wait!

 Carmela Sopranos Insanely Ridiculous Lasagne Recipe

There are loads more recipes, these are the 3 that stuck with me, and the good folks at HBO have created 2 cookbooks from the Sopranos, I don’t own them yet, but thinking these may become kitchen essentials.

A coffee shop will succeed or fail on the added extras it can offer to increase revenue. Who knows maybe serving up a plates of Sopranos Baked Zitti or Carmela’s Lasagne may draw the crowds – something to think about?

And Cut to Black …