So after 4 moths in Dubai yesterday I finally made it to the beach, despite it being one of the cloudiest days we have had out here this year! Maybe a blessing in disguise with my complexion!

Now i’m not a big beach fan really, sand annoys me, I get burnt in about 2 minutes and I tend to get bored quite quickly, but luckily for me our meeting point was at Salt Burger, somewhere that claimed to serve the best burgers in Dubai. It was obviously  meant to be as it was also lunchtime when we all met so we sat down and tucked in. Salt is a very cool set up, 2 Airstream Trailers converted into food trucks, 1 for orders and drinks, the other for a kitchen.

You order pick your food up and then sit outside on tables on the beach – pretty damn cool really.





The menu is simple, they do sliders, rather than burgers, so an order is for 2 small (ish) burgers made with Wagyu beef with 2 choices of toppings, basically jalapenos or not. You can of course double up, which I did and they also serve a Chicken and Cheeto burger, which sounded intriguing (sure I will be back to sample soon!). Then the obvious fries, cheese fries or spicy fries – and that’s about it – oh and also some lovely freshly made lemonade. Delicious!



I am very happy to report that these did live up to the hype. Whilst the burgers were relatively simple it was all about quality of ingredients that made these so good. The Wagyu beef was has an incredibly deep flavour, with some fat to add some juiciness and flavour. The small patties were perfectly cooked so that they were still juicy but not dripping. The melted American cheese added some richness and the jalapenos and token lettuce leaf added bite and a bit of freshness all served in a slightly sweet brioche bun toasted.

I love it when somewhere sticks to 1 or 2 things and just does them so well. Salt was simple but everything tasted amazing, and all set in such a great location just metres from the beach with views out to sea – very Dubai!

The trip has given me some more inspiration and food for thought (excuse the pun) on what the business could be. A food truck on the beach would be pretty sweet, but not sure how realistic it would be back in rainy old UK! But certainly something to think about.