For me, London is the greatest city on the planet, it’s vibrant, hectic, busy and a hell of a lot of fun to spend time in. Since moving out of London I have been visiting it less and less but I always love spending a day in town, walking, drinking coffee, eating and watching the world go by, there really is nowhere else like it!

After the Barista course, we decided to make the most of it, and spend the rest of the day around East London. It was a baking hot day (I wrote this post a while back!!) so we hot footed it from Tower Hamlets to the bottom of Brick Lane and worked our way up to our first destination Nude Roasters. Nude Roasters are becoming well known in London now, they provide coffee both commercially (you can drink it in some of the top coffee shops in London) as well as for home. They also have a very cool coffee shop opposite the roaster which is well worth a trip.



We popped in to pick up some coffee for the chemex. You buy the coffee from the roaster itself and as you can see they are rocking a pretty impressive piece of kit. The coffee is very good, a little pricey, but then you are buying it in the middle of Brick Lane, so I guess you can’t complain!


We continued to wander and as if by magic just as the tummy started to rumble we came across a little collection of street food trucks. The sun was shining so we grabbed some food and tucked in.


Jen visited the amazing Mother Clucker chicken truck (such a wicked truck design) and had some great chicken strips, fries and best of all Ting (the best drink EVER!).




For me it was a decision between a burger van, meat truck serving up pulled pork etc, or wings.


In the end I plumped for wings and ordered up a plate of 8 hot wings, blue cheese dip (of course) and some curly fries.


It was epic, the wings were super hot, sticky and so tasty. There wasn’t quite enough blue cheese dip, but I love to smother them in it so I will let them off, but they were some of the best wings I have had, and I will be looking out for these guys when I am next in that area – it was soooo good.

Our next destination was Broadway Market where we were meeting friends. A quick pit stop in a pub in Brick Lane for a Camden Pale Ale and then we wandered down, through Columbia Road.

With 15 minutes to spare I had the chance to nip into Climpson and Sons (one of the coffee shops on my list to visit). It’s a cool, small shop, selling great coffee, and if you can get a seat by the window an awesome place to watch the weird and wonderful sights of the market.



It was too hot for more coffee, but we bought a coldbrew coffee, which was very nice, quite fruity, but extremely refreshing.

Finally we bedded into a pub for the rest of the evening, drinking pint after pint of Meantime Lager, and tucking into yet more food, this time a pork and chorizo burger.

All told it was a great day in London, some more great inspiration, and once again another coffee and food based day (think this sums up every day at the moment!)