So I have done it! I have finally got Jen to agree to a BBQ odyssey around the southern states of the US of A. OK so maybe I didn’t tell her it was a trip purely based around BBQ (and other southern food – I guess!) but anyway I got the green light, booked it and I am currently writing this post from a very cool coffee shop in East Austin, belly full with BBQ and a very big smile on my face.

The trip is just over 3 and a half weeks, taking in Dallas (for the shopping), Austin (quickly becoming my favourite place on earth) on to San Antonio, a Dude ranch for that ‘authentic’ Cowboy experience, Houston, New Orleans – for July 4th no less. Nashville and finishing up in the home of Elvis, Memphis.

Its gonna be some trip, its mid summer so it’s hot, hot, hot – but the food is going to be epic (more to follow on this soon). Being the geek I am I have put together an extremely detailed spreadsheet of essential places to eat:

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 15.23.57

So far, so good, knocked a couple off the list that I will write about soon, lots still to go – so glad I bought that giant box of Rennies!!

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 15.40.06