We were sad to leave Austin, after an amazing week there, it really is such a cool city. Next main stop was New Orleans and the amazing creole and cajun food it is known for. On the way we had a couple of nights in San Antonio (home of the Alamo) and Houston (for the space centre).

To be honest these aren’t really foodie cities, and these were really pit-stops, however San Antonio is known for its very cool Riverwalk, a man made river lined with bars and restaurants.


I had some pretty kick-ass  seafood from Joe’s crab shack. I had one of their classic steampots – half a snow crab, half a dungeness crab, shrimp and sausage – with the obligatory bib of course!


We also took on some pretty bad-ass Margaritas from The Worm, a small bar on the Riverside.

We also stopped at a Maccy Ds at a petrol station and I had one of their local Texas Lone Star Stacks, basically a Big Mac, but in toast instead of a bun – it was actually pretty good.

On to Houston, where I had some of the best pancakes so far at the Egg and I –  wholewheat, really light and tasty, and even better when smothered with Maple Syrup and some ridiculously crispy bacon – an unbeatable breakfast!


We headed to the Space centre after this and we were able to see the actual mission control room that they ran the moon landing from, which was very exciting!


Anyway, that’s it for this part of the journey, a few new things tried, next stop Louisiana …