So I’m back in media for the short term, which means only 1 thing – media lunches are back!! My new agency isn’t quite as prolific on the lunching front than I am used to, but hey I am pretty sure I can change that! So after about a month I finally got one booked in and when he suggested a new chop and beer place in Soho – there was no decision, I was off!

The place in question was the Blacklock a new chop house on Great Windmill Street in the heart of Soho. Its from the same people behind Hawksmoor  – so I was expecting good, simple meat, great produce, nice sides and something nice to wash it down with. It definitely achieved this! It wasn’t ground-breaking if I am honest, but it was hearty and I came out well fed and happy – and what more can you ask from a meal (especially if you aren’t the one paying!!).

So on to the place, through a pretty unassuming doorway, and down some even more unassuming stairs you arrive.

It’s a pretty generic looking place, industrial (isn’t everything these days), wooden tables, school chairs. There was a nice little drinks trolley I spied at the end with some old school decanters which was cool, and blackboards – so many blackboards.

I wanted a beer so settled on this lovely bottle – one I have had before, hoppy, quite dark and great to go with the meat.

We ordered the ‘All In’ with a few extra sides. Basically some starters, a platter of all the chops and some sides.

Now surprisingly in a meat restaurant, the highlights for me were the starters:

 3 little crackers topped with different things – there was an order (from lightest to richest) of course! They were great. One had a slice of dripping ham (no idea what this means – but it was rich and almost creamy, and melted in the mouth). Cheese and pickle was next – slices of onion with a slice of Stilton at the bottom hidden from view – classic, but delicious. Finally my favourite egg and anchovy. A weird combination that worked so well. Creamy rich scrambled egg, topped with a whole anchovy. Nice bit of pepper in the egg and the salt from the anchovy was great. A brilliant way to start, got the old taste-buds working in overdrive – and then it was on to the main event:

The guy who brought over the platter did say what there was – and I almost immediately forgot (wasn’t because of the second beer – I promise!). But from what I remember we had some lamb chops, lamb neck, pork loin, pork rib, pork belly and some beef rib. Alongside we had some dripping chips (another highlight), barbecued baby gems (not great) and some bad ass courgettes cooked in butter, charred and then served with Stilton –  which were crazy good!

The meat was all consistently good – as this was all the ‘cheaper cuts’ there was a lot of fat on the platter (which was great). The beef was OK, the lamb chops were fantastic and the pork loin was really fatty and delicious.

What I liked was that there was no mucking around – the meat was all just cooked simply usually medium to maximise the taste. The fat was usually crisp and edible, and there was  a lot of it!

It all got devoured and washed down with another beer. When we asked for a coffee they said that they didn’t have a machine, but would pop out and grab us one from next door – which was a really nice touch, especially as it was from Soho Grind (a great coffee shop).

 All in all it was really good, simple – but then that is always nice and quite refreshing and the place really is all about the meat. Apparently they do a roast there and I am definitely up for trying that some point soon.

Well worth a visit in my opinion – but not one for the Veggies or Vegans (you know who you are!).