As you have probably worked out by now I am a bit of a burger nut – I love ’em! When we decided we were going to do a trip to the US, I was excited about the prospect of adding some new places to my list – one of which was IN-N-OUT Burger.

I had heard a lot about IN-N-OUT, about the legendary double double – fast food that actually tasted great and wasn’t synthetic and full of God knows what, I was intrigued and desperate to try. Unfortunately IN-N-OUT appears to be a West/ South only thing as there weren’t any in New York when we visited, but there are lots in Dallas and Austin, so I knew this was the trip.

After a quick trip to Fort Worth – a so called cowboy town (disappointing!) we jumped back in the car and headed to the nearest IN-N-OUT, which was, like most places in Dallas in a big out of town area full of restaurants and shops.

It didn’t look like much from the outside, but I knew that some tasty treats were inside!


First impressions on entering were great, this felt like a fast food joint as they originally were in the 50s, I half expected some old cars in the car park revving around, like in films American Graffiti or Back to the Future.


They keep it simple, with only 3 burgers, 1 size of fries and a few drinks.


I went for the double-double, fries and unlimited soft drinks, Jen the cheeseburger, and 5 minutes later – it’s fast, but still made to order which makes all the difference when comparing to the likes of Maccy Ds – we had this in front of us…


The fries were really average to be honest, a bit limp and cold. But that didn’t matter when I bit into the burger. the patties were very thin, but chargrilled so crisp on the outside but with a nice meaty taste, plastic cheese and lots of it was on top of each patty, and their delicious burger sauce with bits of pickle was slathered on, a token piece of lettuce and tomato, topped with a lovely sweet bun – very nice!

It was salty, but not too salty, sweet, but not too sweet – it really was another level compared to other fast food outlets. It was closest to Five Guys, but better as it was a simple burger no frills – just really well grilled patties and some cheese.

I don’t think this will be the last IN-N-OUT I have on this trip, it really was a hark back to how fast food used to be, not rushed, cooked to order – but undoubtedly a quick meal. It was great, despite the disappointing fries. I only wish they had them back in the UK!