So I have documented in GREAT detail all the BBQ joints I have eaten in, but what about the rest of the food, coffees and beers that we consumed in Austin? We were in Austin for a week, and didn’t have a single bad meal. Every place we went to was quirky, cool and served delicious food. Austin is truly one of the best places I have ever been, and I am already planning a return trip!


Well below are some snaps from some of the other things – hope you enjoy.

A great Mexican on our first night at Lichas Cantina– in an old style house. Serving amazing tacos, snapper and kick ass margaritas! A pretty awesome start.

Cuvee coffee  – my new favourite coffee shop and the creator of nitrogenated coldbrew! Breakfast Tacos were pretty great too!

Rainey street – more beers than you can shake a stick at, streetfood vans, and sausage only restaurants, what more do you need?!

Counter Cafe, Organic, local and totally delicious – one of the best burgers Texas has to offer in my opinion!

Amazing fish and chorizos tacos and chicken chipotle quesadillas – from a taco truck in the garden of a country and western bar – as you do. We found out we aren’t naturals (well not me anyway) at the classic 2 step dance, but we had a great night anyway.


The worlds largest, and maybe most delicious cinnamon bun from 1886 Cafe.