Day 3 in Austin less than a week in the USA and we are in the car on the way to the third BBQ restaurant of the trip – not bad going, lucky I have an understanding wife!

Today’s trip is to Salt Lick, this has been a recommendation from a couple of people both in the UK and US, and as always on BBQ day, I spring out of bed, ready to go!

Salt Lick is a much larger affair than Franklin, and as I will discuss later more of a restaurant than a smokehouse. The lovely thing about this one is that it is out of Austin amongst the lush green landscape of Texas.

After completely missing it, swingin round and finally finding the place nestled away, I am struck by the sheer size of this place, admittedly it has a vineyard as well, but compared to the small venues of Lockhart and Franklin this place is massive



However on entering you are confronted with one of the most awesome, ridiculous and Texan thing I have seen – this fire pit with an insane amount of meat on and hanging above:


In the queue at Franklin we had got talking to a BBQ enthusiast from Lockhart, and she said that it wasn’t worth trying the brisket, it wasn’t a patch on Franklin, but the beef ribs were pretty special. So I went for these with sides (mash, beans and slaw). Jen went for chicken.

The food arrived, not looking great to be honest, mainly down to the terrible plates! But the food was very good – although not the best, it was still good.


The beef ribs were juicy, meaty and really good. Really well smoked, with a beefy taste. Now I make smoked chicken at home and it is really, really good. It soaks up the smokey flavour, but the main issue I have is that I don’t get smokey flavour penetrating all the way through the meat. This one however didn’t have that trouble. I picked one of the bones apart and the deep smoked flavour was right through – delicious!

If I am honest, this was my least favourite of the BBQ joints we visited, it was big, touristy and whilst the BBQ was good (and would be amazing in the UK) we have been spoiled by Lockhart and Franklin.

We wrapped it off with a hell of a piece of pecan pie…


… and headed back to Austin, full, satisfied (mostly) and ready to continue on with some more BBQ food (after a day or 2 break)!